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Analyze, manage, and grow your practice with Retrace’s Revenue Cycle solution. From treatment planning, billing, insurance, accounts receivables, and payments, Retrace removes friction for your patients and office staff so you can get paid instantly.

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How It Works

Intelligent automation enables you to spend time with patients, not billing

We help dental care providers get paid accurately and instantly with a complete billing and office solution that integrates with your workflows. We utilize intelligent automation to streamline tasks and save time, reduce stress, and let you get back to providing quality care.





Results for your entire practice

Discover the oral health network to get your practice paid accurately and instantly while helping patients with healthier and better financial outcomes.

Instant Payments

Frictionless and automated payment collections.

Increased Capacity

Reduced strain on office teams and refocus to higher-value items.

Appropriate Utilization

Confidently perform the right treatment for patients without worrying about reimbursement.

Patient Advocacy

Empower patients to navigate their own health and options, steering them towards better clinical and financial outcomes.

Payment Transparency

Access crucial recievables data in real-time through Retrace’s integrated software.

Practice Performance

Analytics and reporting on production, collections and patient retention.

Clean Claims

Eliminate submitting claims into a vacuum. Save administrate work for when it’s needed.

NPS Scores

Build trust and higher engagement with patients.

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