Instant payments.Brighter smiles.

Retrace helps oral health care providers get paid accurately and instantly with a complete billing and office solution that connects your entire practice.

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We’re taking the guesswork out of coverage, treatment plans, and reimbursement to give you and your members peace of mind.


We’re using data and connectivity to help you make sense of a traditionally fragmented process.


We’re streamlining admin and office work so your time can be spent helping patients, not chasing paperwork.


We’re making the oral health care payment system better for everyone with intelligent automation that saves time and stress.

What We Do

There was a gap in the oral health
care system. We filled it.

We handle the confusion of navigating multiple disjointed systems by
seamlessly connecting providers, patients, and payers with an end-to-end
solution that’s tailored to your workflows.

Getting paid for dental
work doesn’t have to feel
like pulling teeth

We help streamline oral health care plans and practices with intelligent automation to make getting paid a lot less work.

Spend less time on the phone chasing payments and
more time helping patients.

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Who We Serve

Pioneering more painless payments
for payers, providers, and patients


Instant, accurate payments for top providers.

Retrace is a better way for the best oral health care providers to get paid. Our complete billing and office solutions makes getting paid effortless, so you and your staff can put your effort into what really matters to you, from quality patient care to growing your practice.

  • Get paid instantly and accurately
  • Get paid with one fee and unlimited usage
  • 99% clean claim rate – no more claims denials
  • Real time determination of benefits, coverage, and eligibility
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Retrace adapts to your workflow to simplify claims processing.

We give you one centralized system for all claims support documents, which leads to easier provider communication, treatment plan reassurance for providers and patients, and better oral health care visits for all.

  • 98% Auto Adjudication
  • 99% clean claim rate
  • 99% payment accuracy
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No more surprise bills.

We know that dental visits are tough enough without worrying about payments. That’s why we seamlessly connect your oral health professional with your insurance company. We make communication smoother between them, so you can get:

  • A comprehensive treatment plan
  • Clarity on what insurance will cover before any procedure is done
  • Reimbursed instantly after treatment

Straightening the oral health care
payment process


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Get instant treatment validation for more confident patient conversations and care.


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We validate claims for accuracy now, so your staff doesn’t have to follow-up later.


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Claim is instantly auto-generated from the treatment plan.


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Get paid instantly and accurately so you can get back to your patients.


We pioneered tools that utilize intelligent automation to streamline the entire patient experience, automating tasks to help providers get paid quickly, easily and on time.


Clean claims rate,
meaning fewer follow-ups


Claims auto-adjudication rate,
reducing claim cycle time


Transaction fees, one low monthly cost


Payment processing

Creating the groundwork for value-based care

Without Retrace, the systems for filing a claim and getting reimbursement are disjointed. This leads to oral health care providers and their back offices to waste time navigating each system separately, causing slow downs in payments and less time creating the best outcomes for patients.

With Retrace you treat the toothaches while we take care of the billing and payment headaches. We simplify every step of the payment process, making the whole experience more connected, streamlined, and automated, so providers gain peace of mind and instant payments.

Built for security and compliance