Pioneering Intelligent Healthcare

At Retrace, our mission is to improve the quality of oral healthcare through the use of intelligent dentistry. Our solutions enable our partners to unlock the full potential of their data.

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The Retrace Solution

With the push of a button, clinicians will have access to a collective knowledge of millions of doctors. Retrace allows dentists to make data driven decisions and benefit from AI enhanced virtual collogues. Retrace provides expert second opinions that are adaptable to each doctor and learn to be complementary to the specific clinical tendencies of each practice.

Intelligent Data Ecosystem

Retrace partners live within a secure data ecosystem that allows for dynamic scaling, flexible integration, and real-time adaptation.

Adaptable Intelligence

Our intelligent user interface lets our partners focus on impactful decisions and allows them to maximize their full potential.

Security, Integrity, and Ethics

The Retrace ecosystem lives behind a multi-staged security firewall. All transitions are continuously monitored and checked for integrity. Our core team operates under the strictest ethical guidelines in regards patient sensitive information.

Secure Intelligent Medicine

Accelerate The Development of AI with Retrace

Retrace aggregates the collective knowledge of medical and dental thought leaders throughout the world through a cryptographically secure data pipeline that is flexible and nimble enough to delivery directly to our partners.

Retrace Solution

Retrace is spearheading the predictive medical and dental paradigm shift

Situated in the heart of San Francisco, Retrace is at the forefront of artificial intelligence innovation in medicine and dentistry. Retrace has many medical and dental AI incentives focusing on a broad range of technologies. We have partnered with the leading academic institutions in the world to bring a complementary blend of precision medicine to our partners.

The Retrace Solution

Career Opportunities with Retrace

At Retrace the very best ideas win. Ideal team members will possess a mixture of raw talent, scientific skepticism, and playful creativity. Retrace helps support developing talent through scholarships and grants within the AI, computer science, and healthcare communities.

Fulltime Positions - West Coast
San Francisco, CA
Fulltime Positions - East Coast
New York, NY
United States
United States

Research & Resources

Thought Leaders

Retrace honors science and is supportive of academic publications for our team members, partners, and grant recipients in dentistry and medicine.

Intellectual Property

Retrace has a very active and expansive IP portfolio and we encourage our core team members to participate in patent writing and prosecution. Retrace believes that good ideas should benefit all of humanity, which is why our IP strategy is purely defensive.

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