Connect with providers
at the point-of-care

Deliver real-time payments, improve network performance and engage with providers by connecting to their existing day-to-day workflows.

Retrace is the easiest, fast way to create two way data links between payers and providers at the point of care. Using payer and employer data to enhance existing EHR interfaces, Retrace enables providers to improve healthcare outcomes, quality, cost and member satisfaction.

Instant results without limits

We handle the confusion of navigating multiple disjointed platforms and systems by seamlessly connecting providers, patients, and payers with our end-to-end platform.

Retrace Connect

Manage every healthcare payment transaction with real time capabilites and provider connectivity

Retrace Optics

Build your strategy with real-time data using quality metrics to measure and manage your networks

Retrace Connect

How Retrace Powers Healthcare Networks

Integrated with provider EHRs, practice management systems, portals, and clinical interfaces, Retrace optimizes provider performance, front office efficiency and member experience.

Engage Beyond Payments

Empower your network to resolve their bills

Guide members to the best possible health outcomes while rewarding providers through the most convenient payment solution. With features like Real-time Eligibility, Automated Prior Authorizations, Real-time Claims, Electronic Attachments and Instant Payments – give members and providers self-service solutions beyond payment to alleviate inbound call volume and improve member satisfaction.

Retrace Connect Features

Pioneering painless payments for payers, providers, and

Instant Eligibility
Automated Prior Authorizations
Automated Claims
Attachment Validation
Instant Payments

Why Leaders Choose Retrace Connect

Retrace recognized that healthcare organizations have unique financial goals and patient populations. We partner with you to make real impact with KPIs that will drive towards value. Our client partners consistently see high performance with Retrace.

Instant, automated claim payment

Give members and providers
the most frictionless healthcare
payment experience

Tech that evolves without interruption

Use the cloud-based solution that’s
always learning and improving

Help members help themselves

Enable members to quickly
and easily resolve common
claim and billing issues

Real-time Insights with Retrace Optics

Robust analytics, data driven decision-making

Gain Fully visibility into your network’s performance with comprehensive analytics. Retrace’s customizable dashboards allow you to easily uncover actionable opportunities for improved results. Understand and manage risk in a revolutionary way with the click of a button.

Retrace Optics Features

How payers use Retrace

With Retrace Optics, payers reduce costs and improve the
experiences of their members, providers, and partners.

Procedure & Provider Quality Metrics






AI-infused Utilization Management


Reliable implementations

Retrace’s proven implementation strategy minimizes disruption and time to value for our partners. Integration is full service, streamlined and fully compatible with all legacy and modern systems.

Predictable Results


Day timeframe for implementation
from setup to production


Auto-adjudication rates


Administrative Savings ROI

*Based on the source provided

Simplify today’s complex
plan administration with