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Retrace is transforming the way data is used in healthcare. Our AI ecosystem helps our partners unlock the full potential of their data.

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Every functional real-world AI solution is a synergistic blend of complementary sub-solutions that solve an overarching master problem.

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Financial Medical and Dental Analytics

Our intelligent medical and dental analytics models are trained with the overarching goal of maximizing the financial health of our partners.


Retrace leverages a comprehensive adversarial defense strategy and each automated decision passes through an extensive defense network that ensures authenticity.

Smart Medicine

Our medical and dental technologies leverage a synergistic blend of complementary sub-solutions to deliver powerful AI enhanced medicine that feels simple and blends into ordinary clinical practice.

Business Intelligence

We incorporate financial forecasting into all automated decisions. The intermediary steps along the way are secondary to the main objective of business success.

Domain Expertise

Retrace is an enterprise analytics and artificial intelligence company that leverages proprietary dental and medical technologies to deliver cutting edge automated solutions as part of our comprehensive intelligent ecosystem.

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At Retrace all of our AI models are trained with the underlying goal of maximizing the financial health of our partners. We incorporate financial modeling and forecasting into all automated decisions and the intermediary problems that are solved along the way come secondary to the overarching objective of business success.

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