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Analyze, manage, and grow your practice with Retrace’s Revenue Cycle solution. From treatment planning, billing, insurance, accounts receivables, to payments, Retrace removes friction for your patients and office staff so you can get paid instantly.

How it Works

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  • Correct errors ahead of time to focus on patient engagement, not billing
  • Increase payer acceptance for policy guidelines and medical necessity to ensure approvals
  • Eliminate surprise bills by sharing patient’s exact portion during their visit
  • Collect payments for the appropriate balances owed


  • Automate claim submissions
  • Eliminate phone calls, e-mails, or faxes with real-time claims statuses
  • Monitor claims and use Retrace AI to correct and resubmit claims


  • Provide pricing transparency to collect payments
  • ERAs are posted and funds are distributed automatically to accounts receivables
  • Accelerate your revenue collections and reconcile receivables anytime, anywhere
  • Monitor and forecast incoming cash flows through reports and dashboards

Results for your entire practice

Retrace is transforming the way data is used in healthcare. Retrace is solving the hardest problems in oral healthcare with the intent of making precision dentistry available to all. Our goal is to make dentistry better, faster, and non-cost prohibitive.

Instant Payments

Reduced strain on office teams and collect payments automatically

Payment Transparency

Acces crucial data that currently sit in silos through Retrace’s integrated software

Increased Capacity

Reduced strain on office teams and guidance on higher-value items

Practice Performance

Analytics and reporting on production,, collections and patient retention

Treatment Certification

Confidence that you can perform the right treatment for the patient without worrying about reimbursement

Clean Claims

No more submitting claims into a vacuum. Save administrative cost and work to ensure your claim will be accepted

Patient Advocacy

Enable patients to navigate their own health and options, steering them towards better clinical and financial outcomes

NPS Scores

Build trust and higher engagement with patients

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