Machine learning in the Real World

During your commute to the office today, you made countless life or death decisions that are so ordinary and common that you most likely didn’t even notice them. If you decided to cross into the intersection a few seconds too early, your day might have taken a radically different trajectory.

Many humans are not aware of all the complex decisions they make throughout the day because they have become normalized through repetition. While driving, the decision to brake, turn, or accelerate relates back to a plethora of sub-conscious decisions about the world around us, such as depth estimation, object detection, and audio-visual corroboration. We subconsciously ingest and understand the scene around us as it relates to our ultimate objective of getting to our destination safely and on time.

When we train artificial agents to navigate through and interactive with the natural world, we must first train them to master the sub-problems that humans take for granted. Every functional real-world dental AI solution is a synergistic blend of complementary sub-solutions that solve an overarching master problem. Retrace delivers powerful solutions to complex real-life problems that feel simple and blend into ordinary dental clinical workflows.

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