Retrace dental AI provides cutting edge dental computer vision and electronic health records solutions to our partners by leveraging our AI ecosystem.

AI Dental Solutions

Our dental technologies leverage a synergistic blend of complementary AI and domain experts to deliver reliable and accurate AI enhanced dentistry that feels simple and blends into ordinary clinical dental practice.

The retrace AI dental ecosystem is trained by thousands of expert dentists to deliver rock-solid dental AI imaging and electronic health recodes decisions. Retrace dental takes the guesswork and subjectivity out of the dental decisioning process.

Retrace provides dental analytics in our web-based interface and blends seamlessly into your current practice management system.

Dental AI Privacy and Cybersecurity

Retrace dental leverages a comprehensive dental cyber defense strategy and each AI enhanced dental decision passes through an extensive defense network that ensures dental authenticity.

Computer Vision Dental Adversarial Defense

In recent years the advent of targeted adversarial attacks has caused concerns about the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry and healthcare. Targeted adversarial attacks disrupt dental data with adversarial noise that is not noticeable to humans but destroys vulnerable dental computer vision AI models.

Computer vision AI agents and dentists perceive dental images distinctly from each other. Dental computer vision adversarial attacks can leverage this difference to make imperceptible perturbations to dental data that completely disrupt dental computer vision deep learning models.

Retrace Labs specializes in defending against dental adversarial attacks. Our core artificial intelligence team members are renowned pioneers in deep learning based computer vision and adversarial defense. Retrace dental AI uses our proprietary dental adversarial defense strategy so that each automated decision is screened through a comprehensive cyber dental AI defense system that identifies malicious actors in the cyber dental space.