Our Ethos

We are constantly adapting to the dynamic landscape of life’s problems. We are forever fluid, never stagnant, and dive into the world’s most difficult challenges.

Our Values

We surround ourselves with playfully creative people from all walks of life and value those with a broad range of perspectives. We take our mission seriously and ourselves lightly.

Forever Creative

A pianist breathes life into a concerto such as a Retrace scientist architects a virtual world with their imagination.


Tear it down and start from scratch. Growth as an engineer comes from exposing to ourselves what we do not know and never taking knowledge for granted.


We are fortunate enough to have the luxury of playful exploration but we always delivery solutions that exceed the expectations of our partners.

Thought Leaders

Our core team members imagine solutions that have never been attempted. We are laying the foundation of the future of digital healthcare and pioneering intelligent medicine.

Augmenting Medical and Dental Artificial Intelligence

In dentistry, artificial intelligence is meant to complement and supplement human intelligence. Dental AI works best in oral healthcare when it blends seamlessly into clinical workflows.

Philanthropy engineering

Retrace is solving the worlds hardest problems in oral healthcare with the intent of making precision dentistry available to all. Our goal is to make dentistry better, faster, and non-cost prohibitive.

Civil Liberties and Ethics

All team members contribute to critical discussions around the deployment of our technologies to ensure that we remain cognizant of our core values, especially as the technological landscape evolves. On day one, team members are encouraged to think about the kind of intelligence they want to build and how the technology they create will transform their world.

Information Security

As part of our commitment to our partners and to the community, our team is constantly monitoring the eb and flow of worldwide cybersecurity threats and adapting to the dynamic interconnected network of data movement. Retrace dental AI takes confidentiality and security seriously and have been indoctrinated with the mindset of safety and privacy above all else.